Exterior Detailing Services

"Standard" - $150/175/200*** (4-5 hours)
  • gentle hand wash with pH neutral soap
  • clay/decontaminate paint, (removes light tar, tree sap mist, light overspray, other contamination)
  • all-in-one polish and wax, or apply paint sealant
  • clean windows inside and out
  • polish chrome (bumpers, exhaust pipes, trim)
  • clean and dress tires and wheel wells
  • clean door and trunk jambs
Premium Exterior Detailing Services
"Bronze" - $300/350/400*** (6-8 hours)
  • everything included in the "Standard" package plus: 
  • measure paint thickness to ensure safe polishing (ferrous and non-ferrous metal panels only)
  • 1-step machine polish to remove light swirls/scratches and increase gloss
  • polish and wax door and trunk jams
  • paint sealant
"Silver" - $500/600/700*** (10-14 hours)
  • everything included in the "Bronze" package plus:
  • machine compound to remove most swirls/scratches/etching/water spots
"Gold" - $750/900/1000*** (15-20 hours)
  • everything included in the "Silver" package plus:
  • additional compounding, light wet sanding to remove all defects that are safe to remove
  • paint touch-up as needed
"Custom" - by appraisal
  • any combination or alteration of services; common alterations are paint-only services, deleting upholstery and carpet shampoo, changing the paint correction process or correction only on certain panels.

Interior Detailing Services "Standard" - $150/$175/$200***  (3-5 hours)
  • shampoo/extract/steam carpets and mats

  • steam clean seats (shampoo and extract if needed)
  • condition leather, if applicable
  • steam clean and detail all vinyl and plastic surfaces
  • steam clean headliner
  • steam clean seat belts
  • treat vinyl and rubber surfaces with a non-greasy UV protectant
  • vacuum entire interior, including trunk
  • clean windows streak-free inside and out
  • wipe door jambs (thorough steaming and waxing available with some exterior packages
  • note: not all stains can be fully removed

Full Detail (interior and exterior) - $280/$330/$380

Add-on Services
  • CQuartz coating for paint (requires at least Bronze or Silver exterior package) - $300
  • Headlight restoration plus UV coating applied - $60/pair
  • Engine detail - $30
  • compounding/polishing/wet sanding/paint touch-up - $50/hr
*** Prices are separated into "small/medium/large"- small: small to mid-size cars- medium: full-size cars, pickups, 2-row small-medium SUVs and crossovers- large: full size and 3-row SUVs and crossovers, mini-vans and vans
*** Upcharge for excessively soiled vehicles, excess tar, tree sap, iron deposits, baked on brake dust, excess interior soil, excessive personal belongings to remove 
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