Welcome to RAD!  I offer everything from maintenance to show car detailing.  My job is to listen to your goals for your vehicle and then exceed them.  Like the Toyota MR2 you see below with 200,000 miles and a new car shine.

Are you tired of "dollar menu" detail jobs that leave you in want?  Detailers throw around the word "detail job" like restaurants throw around "hamburger".  McDonalds and Texas Roadhouse serve burgers.  Do you see where I'm going here?

We're talking neck injuries from people doing double-takes when you drive by.  We're talking a shine so bright you need sunglasses on a cloudy day.  Are you salivating yet?
Questions to ask potential detailers:
- "Are you insured?"  I have a $300,000 policy.
- "What does YOUR ride look like?"  Look to your left.
- "Can you show me pictures of your work in full sun?" Click here
- "Why should I choose you?"  Click here
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